onlineshop award winner

Ali Ramdani aka Lilou

08 March
7.35 Score

Multiple Breakdance World Champion, Ali Ramdani aka Lilou is an uncompromising dancer, extremely rigorous and creative on the dancefloor but also hyper popular.


PopCorn TV challenge

04 March
7.62 Score

the digital quiz for Pop-Culture and TV series fans.



01 March
7.75 Score

This project is a musical experience built with WebGL and WebVR. Inspired by the music track, we created an ever-changing environment composed of various geometrical shapes. These were generated procedurally […]


La Serre Coworking

26 February
8.00 Score

An ecosystem nourished by work and life


adults wim

25 February
8,02 Score

animal masks with each containing a weekly track release from Adult Swim’s


adrien laurent

01 February
7.85 Score

DUMS Design Website

10 January
7.16 Score

The entire website has an homogeneous design, without looking template. More, we have a “Our Brand” section (soon to be translated in English), where we explain why the name, the […]



01 December
7.53 Score

A visionary yet intimate haven curated by our outstanding services in hair, beauty & skincare. All with an emphasis on you. We believe in natural beauty, the beauty you find […]



31 October
7.50 Score

The Corva website is a vibrant, animated site for a software platform that provides analytics and data-driven insights to the Oil & Gas industry. Designer: Mátyás Szabó Developer: Seventh Scout



29 October
7.68 Score

With the homepage completely curated and ordered at random, the FÖDA website is an online living art piece. We channeled Edward Tufte’s thoughts on UI/UX, principles of Brutalism on Design, […]

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