28 March

Posh Peanut


Built by Dirango.

Posh Peanut is one of those stories you hear about on Shark Tank. Fiona decided to make cute custom dresses for her baby girl. Her friends told her to put them on Etsy. Fast forward 5 years, she now runs Posh Peanut selling thousands of baby girl clothing items!

Posh Peanut completely outgrew Etsy. Etsy has a primitive commerce platform which is not really made for stores selling more than a handful of products. Posh commissioned a new website with a design agency. They worked for a whole year on a website. Fiona never felt comfortable launching it since it was still very buggy (to see what the site used to look like, go to https://goo.gl/C2COSE. Finally Fiona came to Dirango to fix their e-commerce problem.

We custom designed a new shopping cart, implemented Shopify, and imported over 1000 products all in 2 months. We set the branding so Posh Peanut’s clothing line stands out from the competition.

The website launched July 8. It was a huge success! The site has double the average conversion rates for its industry.

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