26 July



The visual design of the XTBs site is derived from the distinctive brand design that clearly differentiates XTBs from other financial brands.

The challenge was to apply this identity to an online environment without losing the clarity of communication.

The XTBs site incorporates world-first functionality in its cash flow tool. While most financial projection tools use abstract rates, which don’t provide direct tangible results, the XTB calculators use daily updated information to ensure that calculations are accurate and relevant.

The ‘Cash Flow Tool’ enables users to build a portfolio of XTBs and visualise the timeline of all income during the life of their investment, which can be affected by interest rate changes throughout the investment period.

The site features multiple interactive elements, including scrolling tickers that can be clicked to view more detailed information on that product, explainer and media videos and calculator tools: at each stage of their journey users are invited to interact with the information to learn more, dig deeper and see how investing in XTBs can benefit their investment portfolio.

What could be a staid and dry one-way transfer of information has been transformed into an interactive experience which ensures that users are engaged, informed and then prompted to take action.

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