10 March

Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara


Built by Dirango.

The Housing Authority of City of Santa Barbara has had the same website for 6 years. Having added numerous pages and subpages through out the years has made the information architecture chaotic. It was difficult for the public to find the right information they were looking for.

HACSB partnered with Dirango to re-build and launch a new website which would better serve the public.

We are proud to announce building a custom designed website for HACSB. Some of the features we are proud of:

-Full CMS control for staff
-Property tour engine. Now HACSB can showcase all the properties.
-Advanced search features. We custom built a search engine which not only serves pages, blog articles, and properties, but also dives into all the PDFs stored on the website. Now landlords and residents can easily find the PDF form they were looking for.
-A custom designed mega menu to organize all the pages. We combined a lot of items under the Housing tab in the menu, which makes it easy for users to find information.
-Office Open/Closed status in the header. This feature is tied into the CMs Calendar making it easy for staff to update.

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