Website of the month

Giampiero Bodino

02 February
7.96 Score

Giampiero Bodino – Villa Mozart in Milano Unique High Jewellery creations infused with the beauty of Italy’s centuries-old noble art and culture.


Creazioni Lifestyle

01 January
7.97 Score

Creative style novel about dwarfs, frogs, love, and furniture.


Filippo Bello

03 December
8.02 Score

BELLO is nowadays almost an international word. It’s the synesthetic expression of something beautiful, enhanced by the unique, blowing musicality of Italian language. Bello: Virtual Experiences to overtake the boundaries […]



02 November
7.87 Score

Very creative agency portfolio from Netherlands with mobile gyro sensors.


Falter Inferno

04 October
8.15 Score

Since 1977 FALTER newspaper keeps providing us with well-researched advice about events and restaurants as well as all the things nobody else dares to say. A ride through today’s living […]


Visit Humboldt

15 September
7.80 Score

The beautiful Humboldt California. Pin your locations while viewing full screen videos to create a custom vacation trips.


Boombotix Pro

03 August
7.88 Score

The ultimate portable speaker built to perfection.


Adoratorio Creative Collective

06 July
7.89 Score

Adoratorio is an award winning creative collective of designers with the aim to develop visionary communication projects.



13 June
7.91 Score

Animal are problem solvers, storytellers, artists, and conceptual thinkers.



20 May
7.93 Score

Two photographers shooting at the same time in two different places in the world. They have to select one shot every 30 minutes, hopefully nice

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