US Airforce

06 May
7.64 Score

The new website of the US Airforce. Modern inspiring and testimonials, help potential recruits to find careers.


Google Maps: Petra in StreetView

04 May
7.40 Score

Street View & Photospheres of the ancient city of Petra.


In Space We Trust

25 April
7.69 Score

An art project about space pioneers and researchers of space.


Uncharted Waters

13 April
7.79 Score

Driven. Dedicated. Focused. That’s the US Sailing Team Sperry. A group of elite athletes and para-athletes from a range of backgrounds and experiences, but they share the same goal: to […]


Design Hotels

10 April
7.63 Score

The new webaward winning original-experiences od the best Designhotels worldwide. More than 400 hotels apply for membership each year, but only an average of 5 percent of them are approved.


Sakura Dream

23 February
7.34 Score

We wanted to bring the beauty of Sakura where there was none, and asked the question: What if we could bring cherry blossoms to every urban streetscape?


Si le Soleil

16 February
7.81 Score

Website about the sailing trip experience from France to the Canary Islands.


Suisse Mania

05 February
7.49 Score

Explore Switzerland by hot air balloons.

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