SOTD Winner

Lepa Vida boutique winery

02 December
8.07 Score

HOME OF GREAT WINES Great grapes give you the opportunity to make great wines; the distinct character of each Lepa Vida wine is sure to impress. Enjoy the cool website!



16 October
7.28 Score

Responsive corporate website showing diverse sides of IT company: the life inside Mobilunity in the videos and photos of office employees, professional development services offered and clients served, blog, upcoming […]


Rainforest Foods

14 September
8.00 Score

Rainforest Foods has a philosophy we call “shared earth”. We believe that we all share a responsibility to protect the earth and to improve the lives of those who need […]


Jay Strong water

13 September
7.39 Score

Jay Strongwater provides luxurious and hand crafted jewels for the home. The intuitive e-commerce experience focuses on the awe-inspiring craftsmanship that goes into each product. Name of Agency: BORN


Transformers: The Last Knight

24 August
7.34 Score

cool animated website for the new Hollywood blockbuster Transformers. The Last Knight shatters the core myths of the Transformers franchise, and redefines what it means to be a hero. Humans […]


Advanced Chemistry

22 August
8.10 Score

The german hip hop stars “Die Beginner” come back with the brand new high-creative website to support their new album.


Luca Bar

31 July
7.77 Score

The bar at Luca is a separate space, perfect for a drop-in lunch with bar snacks, small plates and pasta. You are welcome at any time throughout the day into the evening.



17 July
7.55 Score

They’re pushing bacon forward. Explore their endeavors. WE’RE ALWAYS THE NEW BLACK™.



13 July
7.31 Score

Nice parallax effects mixed with audio and video. A treenodes:media production.



11 July
7.86 Score

We are Impero. We return brands to Fame & Glory

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