Film & TV


03 April
7.25 Score

An great interactive video for VeilHymn.


Megan Ross fashion stylist

10 March
7.51 Score

Megan Ross is a fashion stylist based in New York City. The campaigns and editorials include Elle, Vogue, Treats! Magazine, W Magazine, Gravure Magazine, Tush Magazine, Wella, Brahmin, Bloomingdale’s and […]



02 March
8.16 Score

Follow the trajectory of a cannabis leaf, From the banks of the Moroccan Rif to the pocket of a consumer … A hight creative interactive website project for the new […]


Residente Rapper

14 February
7.91 Score

Residente (born René Pérez Joglar; February 23, 1978) is a Puerto Rican rapper, writer, producer and co-founder of the alternative rap group Calle 13. He has won 25 Grammy awards, […]


Build in Amsterdam

27 January
7.84 Score

Simple things. Beautiful things. Crazy things. We build these things because we love to build.


Wretched Beauty

16 January
7.58 Score

The interactive showcase of artist, writer, realist ‘Lyndsey Belle Tyler’.


Falter Inferno

04 October
8.15 Score

Since 1977 FALTER newspaper keeps providing us with well-researched advice about events and restaurants as well as all the things nobody else dares to say. A ride through today’s living […]


Visit Humboldt

15 September
7.80 Score

The beautiful Humboldt California. Pin your locations while viewing full screen videos to create a custom vacation trips.


VHS Retrominder

02 September
7.43 Score

a retro culture challenge


Pharrell Williams

05 July
7.53 Score

harrell WIlliams’ personal portfolio website about music tv & film social good art & design fashion

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