07 November
7.58 Score

Things should look good and work well. At INDICUBE, you will never have to choose. Balancing aesthetics and practicality, we blend business and art with fresh innovation and consistent standards. […]


noa – network of architecture

06 November
7.47 Score

noa* is an architecture and design agency, with headquarters in Bozen, Italy, that follows a collaborative and holistic approach in all of their diverse projects and designs. The concept of […]


Locus Solus

24 September
7,65 Score

Discover all the irreverence of Locus Solus and the outdoor philosophy of Exteta


Park Lane Penthouses

07 September
7.29 Score

The Park Lane lifestyle is the best of all worlds: the amenities of a top resort and the benefits of a single-family home.



11 August
7.42 Score

user experience: unusual navigation & webdesign (art & illustration)


Marmo Elite

04 August
8.15 Score

There are companies animated by the strongest among the passions: Marmo Elite is one of these. An Italian company made of beauty-hunters selling the best onyxes, marbles and rare stones […]


Jean-Philippe Nuel

30 July
7.50 Score

Jean-Philippe Nuel is a name associated with luxury interior design. A design that is more than just decor, that creates an atmosphere, will become the true identity and the true […]


Een Wonderlijke Klim

28 June
7.40 Score

The great atmosphere of an ancient Cathedral, called the Sint – Jan in Den Bosch the Netherlands, combined with smooth animations and off grid navigation system.


Concrete LCDA

31 May
7.66 Score

Concrete is a mixture of cement as a bonder, aggregates, water and additives. It quality and its performances are dependant on those of its components and their proportions.


Govaert & Vanhoutte architects

21 May
7.46 Score

The Belgian architecture studio Govaert and Vanhoutte stands for awesome residential projects. Eclectic, futuristic and more. The site is minimalistic. No text, just beautiful photography in combination with awesome parallax […]

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